Combined competence

with three companies within the Bauer Group

The strenght of three specialists


As family-run business in beautiful Weilheim we are among the most well-known companies in Upper Bavaria. Our 220 employes, who we feel responsible for, are the most important requirement for the success of the Bauer Group. We are, therefore, increasingly investing in measures for family-oriented human resources policies as well as education. By doing so, we can increase our employees' motivation and involvement and well-trained professionals are actively shaping the future of our company.

One of the Bauer principles is: Changing and renewing instead of standing still and holding on. Issues such as working economically sustainable and energy efficiently are part of every day life. They are self-evident, economically necessary and essential.

Of course, we are proud of having worked as a company adapting to requirements and developing them further for over half a decade now. The Bauer Group has been growing with its tasks for six centuries, has become a well-known and essential company in the region and feels responsible not only for its people but also for quality, innovation, ensuring and obtaining trust.

By now, these principles are implemented in all three companies of the Bauer Group in their different products and services.

Bauer Maschinen und Technologie GmbH & Co. KG is your system partner for the complete production or assembly or machines and components.

Motoren Bauer GmbH & Co. KG is specialized on vehicle and engine service as well as spare parts sales.

BTS GmbH as the third pillar is one of the leading suppliers of turbochargers for the independent aftermarket.