Turbo Service Set

The complete for a competent repair

The BTS Turbo Service Set for cars and commercial vehicles

Completely or partly blocked oil inlet and oulet pipes are often the reason for turbocharger damages. Exchanging the pipes is thus also preventing new damages. 49% of all damages on turbochargers result from lack of oil or dirt particles in the oil. Therefore, the oil inlet pipes play an essential role when it comes to turbocharger damages and should always be exchanged. The oil inlet pipe supplies the necessary oil quantity for lubrication and cooling, the oil outlet system ensures the pressureless oilsupply back to the engine.

Checking if the oil pipes are blocked is not always that easy because of bends in the pipes. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that dirt particles in the pipe are loosened when the vehicle is operated. A partially or completely blocked oil inlet pipe will lead to a quick failure of the turbocharger. A partially or completely blocked oil outlet system will lead to leackages on the turbocharger which will also lead to a damage.


The BTS TurboServiceSet gives the opportunity to

  • rule out damage reasons
  • exchange all necessary parts at once
  • ensure a long life of the new turbocharger
  • quickly and technically knowledgable repair a vehicle with minimum amount of time
  • prevent trouble because of consequential damages

The TurboServiceSet is your best option already including the following parts for the repair of the vehicle:

  • turbocharger
  • mounting kit
  • oil inlet pipe
  • oil outlet pipe
  • additive for the necessary intial filling of the turbocharger