From micro-cars to the biggest trucks - turbocharging systems developed by Honeywell are boosting performance in millions of vehicles around the world.  Since November 1, 2012, BTS GmbH can also call itself Master Distributor for Garrett ADVANCING MOTION for Germany and Austria and is one of the distributors for the world's largest turbocharger manufacturer.

The cooperation with Garrett is another big and important step in the company history not only for the German headquarter but also for the Austrian sister company founded in April 2012.
The cooperation with this well-known manufacturer will help to improve processes such as availability and product range. With the Garrett support BTS will now be able to support wholesale customers in Austria in Germany even better.

By chosing BTS as Master Distributor Garrett is honoring the hard work of BTS in the independent aftermarket. 



Honeywell - Garrett Awards


During the worldwide Honeywell-Garrett distributor conference in Shanghai BTS was able to celebrate three awards.

CEO Ferdinand Ücker and Purchasing Director Jakob Birk were very proud and glad to receive the following awards:

BTS Turbo : Award for "Outstanding Contribution"

BTS Austria: Award for "Outstanding Performance 2014 and 2015"

Garrett Original Reman

The Perfect Fit for Vehicles 7 Years+

“The Garrett® brand is synonymous with quality, performance and reliability… now we are bringing the same values to the global aftermarket with our remanufactured turbo range,” says Olivier Rabiller, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Transportation Systems Aftermarket.

“When replacing turbos, especially those from the technologically sophisticated
 Garrett VNT™ range, there’s no need to risk poor performance or engine damage that may result from using non original poorly assembled parts. With ‘Garrett Original Reman’ we provide another choice for the best possible support of a mature product line-up.”

As the original turbo designer, Honeywell is leveraging its unique technical knowledge and production know-how to deliver Garrett units matching the engine management system requirements and emissions standards through its original assembly, calibration and balancing processes.

Adds Oliver Rabiller: “With a Garrett remanufactured turbo, everything is included - technical expertise and support, same warranty as a new Garrett® turbocharger... and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a world-leader in turbo technology.”